BBE Records: Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers 2

Up Coming Release: Here we are again, another dose of unsung heroes from the past. All the tunes on here (bar possibly the opening tune) will be well known by the rockabilly world. However to those of you who have recently become, or are about to be infatuated with this music you are now holding a compilation of some of the rarest and desirable tunes known to the serious collectors.

Little Edith and I have now left London, and are pushing this music in the clubs of South East Asia, and Japan. It was a thrill for an old codger like me to see how many youngsters in Britain were getting into this stuff, and other forms of good music before we emigrated. At last it seems the dominance of shite music is on it’s last legs.

Keb Darge, 2012

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AL KENT (BBE Records) Australian Tour Disco Love Mixtape + Warehouse Party Info (Sat 9th) & Tonic Side show (Sun 10th @ Kings Cross)

Al Kent Australian Tour DISCO LOVE MIXTAPE thanks to People Must Jam.


Al Kent brings the “Disco Love” in his debut Sydney performance.

Al Kent is a man that lives and breathes disco music. Born in Glasgow in the late 60s, he has collected disco, northern soul, funk and house music since the early 80s, and has amassed one of the world’s largest collections of rare disco. This has translated into amazing DJ sets which have taken Al all over the UK and Europe with appearances at the main room at Southport Weekender, Joey Negro’s Z Records party in London and at Respect is Burning in Paris with Dimitri from Paris.

In 2008 Al released his acclaimed “Better Days” album on BBE with his live band the Million Dollar Orchestra and in 2009 released his own “Secret Sounds” LP. Al has released over 60+ edits on Jisco, KAT Music, StillLove4Music and his own Million Dollar Disco imprint, with more to follow. BBE Records also commissioned Al to compile their Disco Love compilation series, focusing on uncovering rare disco and soul. After a sell out Volume 1, Volume 2 was recently released and he is ready to spread the Disco Love in Australia!

Als own parties have hosted Dimitri From Paris, Rick Wilhite, Sadar and Rahaan (with whom he plays a monthly residency).In Rahaan’s own words “Al is the only DJ to have made me cry, his sets are something else!”

For his debut Sydney appearance, Al will be playing a 4hr set in a limited capacity, all new, inner city warehouse space.

Further details re the venue will be released to ticket purchasers and the mailing list / Facebook group during the week of the event.

See you on the 9th!

Also Anounced Al Kent will be playing a side show @ Tonic Lounge Kings Cross this Sunday..