Created in November 2009, Soul of Sydney is an independent, artist run collective who are bonded by a love of ‘funk’ based music. Our people include DJ’s, Musicians, Producers, Dancers & Designers who have come together to promote and support the music we love in this city, and the street culture around it. 

Soul of Sydney Block Party is our monthly Sunday musical afternoon showcase. focused on a bringing together Sydney’s DJ’s, Record Collectors, B-boys/B-Girls, and musicians to share & enjoy some of the music they love in a relaxed environment, outside of the usual bars or club situation.

We work to creative the right environment where people who love music can come down and enjoy themselves with other music heads. DJ’s have the freedom to play anything they are feeling and  usually cover some musical ground; including Soul, Funk, Disco and a fair bit of Dancefloor-Jazz & golden era hip hop stuff too with artists James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, De La Soul, J Dilla, Stevie Wonder, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Larry Levan among the playlist.


9 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. nice work guys / gals…..
    love your site will be checkin in regularly, just about to head to your sundcloud setup
    cheers and respect… dale


  2. hi,
    im one of the organisers of reclaim the lanes and would be up for a chat if youd like to feature us. you can find me on facebook, or by email.


  3. MC’s, beatboxers, Bboys, Bgirls, poets, singers and linedancers all meet at the middle of Platform 19, Central Station, Sydney, at 2pm sharp this Friday March 19th. Then we jump on a train and cypher! On a mystery journey led by your host Morganics we will return to Platform 19 by 3-30pm, just in time to go home and freshen up before the official launch of Platform 3 at Carriageworks that night.

    This is a positive, conscious event where we can join together to jam, to share, to build, to elevate ourselves and Hip Hop culture – all in the middle of a moving train carriage.

    NB No swearing, no drugs or alcohol, no slackness and no wackness.

    With respect to Kid Lucky from NYC, this is Sydney’s version of New York’s subway series where as XXL magazine says “Hip Hop gets back to it’s essence”.



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