COLD CRUSH: Ol’ Skool Electro Funk & Rap, DJ’s: Simon Caldwell, OSC-001,Retali8,Patrick HAF (Fri Dec 4th)


Ol’ Skool Electro Funk, Rap & Boogie.

Fri Dec 4th @ 202 Broadway

Patrick HAF (The Sentinel), Simon Caldwell, OSC-00, Retali8

Info: Cold Crush web site & Facebook Link

Mixtaps: OSC-001 ELECTRO MIX & Patrick HAF (The Sentinel) ELECTRO MIX

Sydney’s newest – and only – monthly old school electro freak sensation! Cold Crush drops a bomb on you with the dopest electro, funk, old school rap, hip hop and party rocking sh!t once a month on a Friday night! Residents OSC-001 and RETALI8 bringing the heat alongside headliner Patrick HAF (Southern Outpost, Datadisk / San Fran) and Simon Caldwell.

And check for old school videos, graff photos and mixes from Bambaataa, Patrick HAF… and just posted OSC-001’s ‘Freakbeats Volume 1’ mix – a heavy mix of all things West Coast electro funk from an original digger and promoter of Sydney’s mid-90s Panic Zone party!

Herbie Hancock – Rock It

Thanks To Cold Crush (

Scratching is an integral part of of many kinds of music.

Developed in New York during the early 80s by hip hop DJs like Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore and Dj Kool Herc, from hip hop, to Miami bass and electro funk, you can now hear thousands of tracks featuring a Dj scratching the record back and forth to the beat, now it has even broken out of its hip hop roots to be heard in styles like pop and even metal.

While not the first record to feature scratching (that honour goes to Grandmaster Flash – The Message, in 1982), certainly one of the first songs to reach huge commercial success was American Jazz musician Herbie Hancock’s single Rockit, a single from his 1983 album Future Shock.

The cuts in Rockit are by Grand Mixer D.ST, using the record Change The BeatFab Five Freddy and B-Side. Years later, legendary DJs Qbert and Mix Master Mike would go on to describe Rockit as the spark that inspired their interest in turntablism. Check out the documentary Scratch for more. Rockit is also more recently famous for its appearance in the soundtrack of Zoolander, as it is the record used as the secret signal for Zoolander to kill the President of Malaysia. (check the video link to hear it), by

The video itself is directed by Godley & Creme, featuring robot sculptures by Jim Whiting. Herbie Hancock himself only appears in the video playing piano on the TV screen, which is smashed to pieces in the closing moments of the clip.

Herbie Hancock certainly knew how to rock it baby. If you’re looking for the mp3, Rockit and the Future Shock album are available to download from Amazon right here.

Don’t forget – the opening night of Cold Crush, Sydney’s only monthly electro funk, Miami bass and old school rap club is this Friday night at 202 Broadway! (on the corner of City road) See you there.

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