Everything ██is█████ ████ ████fine ███ █ ████ love. ████ █████ the ███ Egypt ███ ████ government ██ Vs Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt !

Everything ██is█████ ████ ████fine ███ █ ████ love. ████ █████ the ███ Egypt ███ ████ government ██

Ok we never get too political on here, but I was actually just reading the tweets on #Egypt and have a guess what tune popped up on shuffle…

The Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt

Classic 808 Electro banger if there has ever been one..

If your keen on the 80’s Electro & Classic RAP vibes like this then stay close to our good mates @ COLD CRUSH for mixtapes, write ups and club nights pushing the old school sounds in Sydney.

I-F TLR Viewlexx Creme Organization Intergalactic FM Sydney GodspillNext Cold Crush Gig:

Friday February 11

I-F & TLR, Cold Crush DJs (Simon Caldwell, OSC-001, RETALI8 & Mattamation), Slow Blow & NHJ (Meccanoid Melbourne)

Tone, 16 Wentworth Ave Surry Hills

More Info @ Facebook

Soul Of Sydney Podcast #9 – Journey through Cosmic Disco, Boogie & Chicago House Vibes, Mixed By Sloppy Seconds

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Soul Of Sydney Podcast #9

A 75min trip through Cosmic Disco, Boogie and even some classic Chicago House vibes. Presented with luv by Sydney based Re-mixer, DJ, Label Owner and Blogger, Sloppy Seconds.

Download: Here

Time: 75 Mins



01. Bumblebee Unlimited “I Got a Big Bee”
02. Loleatta Holloway “Hit & Run”
03. Skyy “First Time Around” Kenny Dope Main Mix
04. Skyy “First Time Around” Kenny Dope Drums
05. Marlena Shaw “Woman of the Ghetto” 4AM Rework
06. Koto “Chinese Wargames”
07. Toby Tobias “Crocodile Tears”
08. We’re Lofty Volt “Alter Flaw”
09. The Orb “Perpetual Dawn” (Pal Joey Cumulo Nimbus Mix)
10. Kraftwerk “Musique Non Stop”
11. NYC Peech Boys “On A Journey” 12″ Vocal Mix
12. Mantronix “Listen to the Bass”
13. Edwin Birdsong “Son of a Rapper Dapper Snapper”
14. Julia & Company “Breakin’ Down”
15. Whodini “Escape” Instrumental
16. Stevie Nicks “Stand Back”
17. Space Ranger “Phase Fever”
18. Dolle Jolle “Balearic Incarnation” (Todd Terje’s Extra Mix)
19. Larry Heard “Dance of Planet X”

Download: Download: Here

About Sloppy Seconds


Sloppy Seconds is;

A re-edit label (Sloppy Seconds – get it?).  You can find me digitally on Juno for now.  I do have plans to press up vinyl sometime in the near future.  The material that I plan on using for the vinyl releases will be titles exclusive to the wax catalogue (I have a secret stash saved specifically for this purpose).  I’ll let you all know when that happens.

A music resource website. I’ve been collecting vinyl since the early/mid 80’s and have amassed quite an amount of relatively obscure stuff and started the blog as a way to promote lesser known artists and their releases.  Because of the controversy surrounding mp3s I had originally intended to only post titles that are out of print, but I also realized that there are tons of new releases that are equally as amazing that weren’t being promoted very well.  The music selection there varies greatly and includes just about anything that moves me and/or  makes me laugh.  Here’s the addy.  Make yourselves at home.  Beer is in the fridge.


(For the record, I have received numerous emails stating that purchases of posted material were made due to promotion of said titles from the blog.)

And a DJ.  I’ve been DJing for quite some time now.  Most of you have never heard of me, which might have something to do with the severe lack of self promotion over the years – I never liked that part of the job, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the self promotion game needed to be stepped up if I wanted to continue to do this.

More from Sloppy Seconds

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DAM FUNK Mixes: Payday! Live Mix (May 08) + Station 23 anniversary mix (April 09)

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Mix #1 :


Pay Day! Hollywood

May 2008

Time: 40 Mins

Format: .mp3

Style: Electro Funk, Boogie & Disco


From freethescene.com


Dam Funk wrote the book on boogie, funk, and street cred.

When you see this guy live as soon as he walks into the room all the sudden it gets funky. Just everything about this guy is Funk.

When he DJs it’s all 100% wax original pressings, 2 turntables,an old school casio microphone (to keep the MC sounding backyard boogie status), and Los Angeles’s funkiest dude going to town on the decks. This is first DJ I have ever seen where I thought, “Thank GOD this guy exists, DJing is still progressing to another level, and this world isn’t doomed by sorority girls djing their Britney mashups through itunes”.

Enough talking, enjoy this golden set, let me know what you think.



Mix #2 :


2nd Anniversary Mix for Station 23 Radio

April 2009 Continue reading

DAM FUNK + Toni Toni Lee (Live), Gian Arpino & Japeye Bennett + Podcasts & Interview

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Niche Productions present:


Sat 15th @ The Basment

Supported by:

Toni Toni Lee (Live), Gian Arpino and Japeye Bennett



Niche Productions is proud to present the debut Australian tour of the ambassador of Boogie-Funk, Dâm-Funk (Stones Throw – Los Angeles, California). Bursting on to the scene in 08-09, Dâm (pronounced ‘Dame’, as in Damon) won over a slew of fans from Disco-Boogie aficionados, the Beat scene, hardcore Hip Hop heads and Hipsters alike with his debut 12″ ‘Burgundy City/Galactic Fun.’

In 2009, he was one of Stones Throw busiest artists, putting out so much material you’d think he was giving Madlib a run for his money, with the ‘Toeachizown’ album being released digitally in five instalments, all of which teased fans with different elements of his influences. During this time he also managed to put out a few mix CDs, a beat tape as part of Stones Throw’s  ‘Rhythm Trax’ series and turned in remixes for Red, Baron Zen and superstars Animal Collective. At the tail end of 2009, the album was released in 2CD and deluxe 5LP box set editions.

His Monday night Funkmosphere club night is the stuff made of legends. From record-dealer types with obscene collections to a heavily bearded Joaquim Phoenix and beyond, it’s the spot that everyone is trying to get in to. But Dâm’s roots go well back to a time before ‘Disco’ was a cool word.

Cutting his teeth as a session keyboard player for artists of the G-Funk era like Mack 10, MC Eight and Westside Connection, you can easily hear his hip-hop roots in songs like ‘Hood Pass Intact’, and even though he dresses the part, don’t expect Dâm to get all thugged out on us out here on his debut tour. Dâm-Funk promotes love, spirituality, astrology and good vibes with his music and his open and outward personality – if you’ve ever heard him be interviewed or seen live clips online, you will know he is very generous with his time.

Calling his sound ‘Modern Funk’,Dâm-Funk’s live show takes in both his impeccable DJ mixing style as well as a Live-PA style side which includes vocals and keyboards, showcasing both the original material he writes and records, and the records which have inspired him.

Join us for the show everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year.


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Check out the Dam Funk Interview today on Soul Glow radio

DJ Huwston interviews Dam Funk his show Soul Glow on 2ser 107.3

Soul Glow Radio 3pm every Tuesday,


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Mixes & Podcats

#1 Dam Funk, BBC’s Radio: Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Show, May 1 09

  1. DâM-FunK – ‘Brookside Park’ (Stones Throw)
  2. DâM-FunK – ‘Spacecapades’ (Stones Throw)
  3. DâM-FunK – ‘This Time, Take It Out On the Groove’ (Stones Throw)
  4. DâM-FunK – ‘Flying V Ride’ (Stones Throw)
  5. DâM-FunK – ‘The Sky Is Ours’ (Stones Throw)
  6. DâM-FunK – ‘Sidewayz’ (Stones Throw)
  7. DâM-FunK – ‘Rollin’ (Stones Throw)
  8. L.S. Movement – ‘Move Everything You Got’ (LA/Veg)

or download

#2 Dam Funk 3hr Mix up on BBC Radio 25th Oct 09

Track listing

  • BaronZen – Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk Remix) (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Burgundy City (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Red (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Special Dimensions (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Killdatmutha***a (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Galactic Fun (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – She Lights Me Up (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – 10 West (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Chocolate (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Indigo (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Rollin’ (Stones Throw)
  • Dam-Funk – Purple (Stones Throw)
  • *Dam-Funk In The Mix*
  • Pyramid Plus – Comin At Ya (Lifeworld)
  • Del Richardson – Rainbows (Joy Spring)
  • Cliff Dawson – I Can Love You Better (Boardwalk)
  • Midnight Express – Dangerzone (Tri-Fire)
  • Rah Band – Messages From The Stars (TMT)
  • StarShine – All I Need Is You (Prelude)
  • Alfreda James & Billy Ray – Back To Love (Rappers Rapp Disco)

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Cold Crush: Electro-Funk Rap &; Boogie Night Fri 16th April + Simon Caldwell &; DJ Hysteric Electro-Boogie Mixes

Cold Crush

‘More Bounce To The Ounce’

Part two of Sydney only 80’s Electro Funk & Rap Night is back THIS Friday 16th @ 202 Broadway

click for more info or FB event

Kicking off nice and early at 9pm with an extend FUNK & BOOGIE set by local BBOY DJ SAGE ONE who featured in the first podcast

Also the one & only DJ Hysteric — the perpetrator behind Melbourne’s legendary System electro parties up from Burn City to rock the decks with the Cold Crush Mob — that’s RETALI8, OSC-001 & Simon Caldwell, along with special guest boogie man Sage One: bboys b-ware!

You know the drill, old school vinyl mixing, dope cuts and ya’ll party freaks ripping up the dancefloor. 202 have a new sound system in too, it is fat and YOU KNOW Cold Crush gonna be rocking those bass-bins.

Cold Crush electro mixes

Cold Crush Electro Mixtapes

#1 Simon Caldwell Live @ Cold Crush Dec 4 2009


  1. Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
  2. Egyptian Lover – Freak-A-Holic
  3. Bumper – Tuff Groove
  4. R-Damski – Project Pt. 1
  5. Def Cut – I Pay Back
  6. Mobile Space Unit – Eruption
  7. The Artificial Arm – Welcome To The Planet Funk
  8. Suat G – B-Boy Bonus Beats
  9. Sven Vath – Schubduse (Anthony Rother Remix)
  10. Resident Alien – Radio Killer
  11. DMX Krew – Bass Mission
  12. A1 People – Do It
  13. Thomas Schumacher – When I Rock (Anthony Rother Remix)
  14. Subway – Testing (Dexter Remix)
  15. Chromatix – Cranioplasmatron
  16. The Freeek – Martian Leaders O.E.
  17. DJ Godfather – Aliens Got The 808
  18. Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
  19. Mental Blox – Bass Synthesiser
  20. Uprock – Klockwerk Oranj
  21. Biochip C – Steal It And Deal It (DMX Krew Edit)
  22. Anthony Rother – Compression
  23. Third Electric + Artificial Material – High Tension Wires
  24. The Artificial Arm – You’ve Been Messing With My Mind
  25. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock

Download @ Cold Crush

With this set I was trying to play a whole bunch of my favourite electro tunes, mainly focusing on newer tracks with a bit of an old school vibe, and trying to tie them in with a few classic oldies. It was mixed with the dancefloor in front of me, so I tried to keep it pretty beat-based, but managed to get some spacey vibes in there too. I love how this kind of music makes really abstract things funky. It’s like the machines are making the music themselves if the sounds and the feel all click together; it’s organic and artificial at the same time. Unfortunately I don’t get to play these tunes very much any more (the complete rape of the word ‘electro’ hasn’t helped) so it was fun to drop them at Cold Crush. Hopefully you enjoy the mix and can have a little body-pop to it.
Simon Caldwell


#2 Hysteric – Electro Will Never Die

More info + interview here & electro mixes here

Cold Crushin’ Mixes is back with a slamming electro mix from Melbourne mix master and certified wax addict Hysteric, who has done some hardcore crate digging to pull some very obscure tracks for us! But don’t let the fact that you have probably never heard of most of the tracks put you off — as unknown as many of the tracks might be to all but the most knowledgeable of electro fans, our homeboy Hysteric has put together an absolute banger of a mix, covering a range of styles from bboy electro funk and electro rap, to synth pop, minimal electro, new wave and some very heavy hitting sludge electro tracks from The Hague. Ya’ll should know what to expect by now from Cold Crushin’ Mixes, so needless to say, shit is off the chain!

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Podcast #6 – DJ Phil Toke : 80's Electro-Funk, Boogie & Disco mixup live @ Goldfish Kings X

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Soul Of Sydney Podcast #6

A mix of some 1980’s Electro-Funk, Boogie & Disco by Phil Toke (myspace) mixed live at Gold Fish Kings Cross Sydney Summer 2010

Style: 1980’s Boogie,Disco & Electro-Funk

Download Here

Catch Phil Toke paying tribute to the roots of house music @ the RESPECT warehouse party, 20th March 2010, click for more info

1. Timmy Thomas – Are You Crazy???

2. Cubby St Charles – Party

3. The Fatback Band – Finger Lickin’ Good Continue reading

Podcast #6 – DJ Phil Toke : 80’s Electro-Funk, Boogie & Disco mixup live @ Goldfish Kings X

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Soul Of Sydney Podcast #6

A mix of some 1980’s Electro-Funk, Boogie & Disco by Phil Toke (myspace) mixed live at Gold Fish Kings Cross Sydney Summer 2010

Style: 1980’s Boogie,Disco & Electro-Funk

Download Here

Catch Phil Toke paying tribute to the roots of house music @ the RESPECT warehouse party, 20th March 2010, click for more info

1. Timmy Thomas – Are You Crazy???

2. Cubby St Charles – Party

3. The Fatback Band – Finger Lickin’ Good Continue reading