MIXTAPE: Honour Confers Your Crown – A Sade Australian Tour mix by DJ Trey [SOUL, JAZZ, FUNK, RNB]

Ease your way back into your work week with one of the smoothest SADE mixtapes out there put together by local legend DJ TREY.


1. No Ordinary Love
2. Feel No Pain
3. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
4. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
5. Your Love Is King
6. Soldier Of Love
7. Siempre Hay Esperanza
8. The Sweetest Taboo
9. Keep Looking
10. When Am I Going To Make A Living
11. Maureen
12. Kiss Of Life
13. Tar Baby
14. Cherry Pie
15. I Couldn’t Love You More
16. Turn My Back On You
17. Paradise
18. Nothing Can Come Between Us
19. Frankie’s First Affair
20. Never As Good As The First Time
21. Hang On To Your Love
22. I Will Be Your Friend
23. Smooth Operator
24. Is It A Crime (Lover’s Live)
25. ** Killer Blow