Jill Scott Sydney Concert Warm Up Mix by DJ TREY | Neo Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop

Soul of Sydney Block Party Radio #108: This Is… Jill Scott Mixed By Dj Trey (Jill Scott Australian Tour Tribute Mix)

Time: 1 Hours 25 Mins.
Style: Jill Scott Neo Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop
DJ Trey

-Gettin’ In The Way By Jill Scott
-The way By Jill Scott
-A Long Walk By Jill Scott
-Can’t Explain (42nd Street Happenstance) By Jill Scott
-I’m prettier By Jill Scott
-You Got Me By The Roots Ft. Eve & Jill Scott
-Good Morning Heartache By Chris Botti Ft. Jill Scott
-Love rain (coffee shop mix) By Jill Scott ft. Mos Def
-One Time By Eric Roberson ft Jill Scott
-Slide By Jeff bradshaw ft jill scott
-Its Love By Jill Scott
-8 Minutes Till Sunrise By Common ft Jill Scott
-Whatever By Jill Scott
-Breathe By Jill Scott
-Brotha By Jill Scott
-Family Reunion By Jill Scott
-Blessed By Jill Scott
-High Post Brotha By Jill Scott ft. Common
-The Rain By Will Smith
-Whenever You’re Around (Bryan Cogshell Remix) By Jill Scott
-I’m not afraid By Jill Scott
-Talk To Me By Jill Scott
-Wondering Why, You Don’t Talk To Me. By Jill Scott
-Exclusively By Jill Scott
-All Cried Out Redux By Jill Scott ft Doug E. Fresh
-Hate on Me By Jill Scott
-Le BOOM Vent Suite By Jill Scott
-Funky For You By Common Ft. Jill Scott & Bilal
-Shame By Jill Scott ft. Eve & The A Group
-Lovely Day By Jill Scott
-Golden By Jill Scott
-So in Love By Jill Scott ft Anthony Hamilton
-Street Life By Mike Phillips Ft. Jill Scott
-Gimmie By Jill Scott
-Calls By Robert Glasper Experiment ft Jill Scott

This is a very sweet mixtape tribute to the mighty Jill Scott by DJ TREY, as a little warm up for the upcoming Australian tour in November 2013.

Catch Jill Scott + DJ TREY @ SYDNEY
Saturday 23rd November @ The Enmore Theatre

Catch a DJ Trey set or two for the songs that people love but have forgotten over the course of time. Since starting at the age of 14 Ashley Heuvel aka DJ Trey has always dug the roots of R&B and Hip-Hop, using his Uncle’s vinyl records! Respecting where music has come from and how it got to where it is now.

Diversely playing in styles of R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk (while dabbling in Disco, Jazz, Reggae and House). With a style that gives the crowd some of what they love, some of what they used to love and some of what they should love. Entertaining and enlightening. Engaging in the better of the unknown, he likes to focus more on what he believes, people should be listening too- as opposed to what they ‘think’ they want to listen too.

Email: info
Website: www.djtrey.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/djtrey
Twitter: www.twitter.com/djtrey_ash
Instagram: www.instagram/djtrey_ash
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/djtrey/


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