SYDNEY STREET ART BY devlin @ soul of sydney

SYDNEY STREET ART BY devlin @ soul of sydney

Check this from our new collab @sydneystreetart showing off dope local street-scape photography from our main man Devlin .

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Street art Sydney soul of Sydney devlin

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“#9ofpride – These installations have either been defaced or buffed. Take the time #today to appreciate the people and things around you, tomorrow it may not be there! #art #sydneystreetart #ilovesydney #sydneystreetart “

EVENT: LATIN, BOSSA – Masquerade Bossa @ Blue Beat Feat. Abuka Trio, Raphael Brasil (Vibes Brasil) and La Veneria (NYC/Colombia) (1/6)

Abuka Trio–

DJ line up – Raphael Brasil (Vibes Brasil) and La Veneria (NYC/Colombia)

– When – Friday June 1st 2012 – Doors open 7:30pm

Bluet Beat – 16 Cross Street, Double Bay

– Dress code – Mask. Smart casual. Think Venice!

See you on the first day of winter (01/06)!

We promise to keep you warm!

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Humans have used masks for different purposes throughout time. One of the main reasons has been to create a different atmosphere in parties involving music, dance and art.

Knowing that the word Bossa was a typical slang originated in Brazil to describe anything that could be ‘cool’, we decided to put on a party to bring the cool attitude of Multicultural Sydney at its best. We are going to transform one of the best live music venues in Sydney (Blue Beat) into a ‘ludic’ night of music and dance.

Featuring Abuka an upcoming power trio that has been known all over Sydney by its delivery of funky infused grooves that allow our senses to experience different sounds and rhythms. In other words be prepared for a heavy dose of mix Brazilian rhythms with jazz and funk.

Alongside the terrific Abuka, Dj La Veneria and Dj Rapha (Vibez Brazil) we’ll keep you busy in the dance floor in a mix range of funky cheeky tunes and up-beat tropical sounds of Latin America.

Choose your mask, dust off your dancing shoes and be prepared for this unmissable and exotic night full of funky grooves! Damn!

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NEW YORK DISCO: Keith Haring Birthday Tribute @ Google Doodle

Keith Haring's iconic Radiant baby

Keith Haring’s iconic Radiant baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Doodle celebrates Keith Haring‘s pop art. Photograph: Google

The American artist Keith Haring in 1990 at the age of 31, is being celebrated in a Google Doodle.

Haring would have been 54 on Friday and no doubt would have approved of the tribute to his brand of pop art, which drew on the New York street styles and dance music scene of the 1980s. An unabashed populist, he delighted in the idea that his work should be available to everybody – not just a clique of gallerists and rich collectors.

He first came to public attention with his chalk drawings on the New York subway in the late 1970s. This cartoonish quality continued in his later work, characterised by vivid colours and bold lines, which influenced the club scene and advertising.

Keith Haring Button-1987,by P.B.Toman fair-use

Mentored by Andy Warhol, Haring opened a small shop in SoHo in 1986 called Pop Shop, selling merchandise bearing his iconic images including T-shirts, toys, posters, badges and key rings as well as reproductions of his art. He said the idea behind the venture, reconstructed in a Tate Modern exhibition in 2009, was “to continue this same sort of communication as with the subway drawings. I wanted to attract the same wide range of people, and I wanted it to be a place where, yes, not only collectors could come but also kids from the Bronx.”

His friendship with Warhol connected Haring to rising celebrities such as Madonna, who was a regular

customer at Pop Shop in the 80s. The singer regarded Haring’s mixing of art, street and consumer culture as a major influence on her success. She has said: “Keith … managed to take something from what I call street art, which was an underground counterculture, and raise it to a pop culture for mass consumption. And I did that too.”

His last works included a painting on the rear wall of an Italian church and six animations for Sesame Street, reflecting both his versatility and the wide audience for his art.

Keith Haring

DEEP SOULFUL TRIBAL: River Ocean (Feat. India) – Love & Happiness (MAW Original Extended Mix)

DEEP SOULFUL TRIBAL HOUSE from River Ocean featuring one of the finest voices to ever grace a House or Latin record.

Absolute HOUSE MUSIC Bliss from River Ocean & India!



THE FRIDAY FUNK MIX.. ON A BIT MORE OF A GOSPEL, SOULFUL HOUSE TIP THIS ONE. DJ SPEN with a couple of ours or original party spiritual house sounds blogged from our good mates at OUR HOUSE SYDNEY !


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GOSPEL SOULFUL JAZZY HOUSE: DJ Oji & Una – We Lift Our Hands At The Sanctuary (Friday Night At The Sanctuary Mix)

Unmistakeable feel good vibes taking it right back to an era when house music was about its feeling. Pulling out classic feel good vibes like this for our up coming SPIRIT OF HOUSE parties we are getting together with our good mates OUR HOUSE.

Stay close as we will be taking over basements, parks, beaches and rooftops around Sydney and paying some serious homage to the REAL HOUSE sounds like this.


“Now I don’t see nothing wrong, singing happy song
At the spirit deep inside, like a feeling getting strong
And there’s no need for opression, we come in peace
All we ask is let the music set you free

Check your attitude at the door
Smell the essence burning, sprinkle powder on the floor
The night is young and full of possibilities
We got our shelter now we, we found our sanctuary

We lift our hands at the Sanctuary
People come to dance at the Sanctuary
Love is alive at the Sanctuary
I feel alive at the Sanctuary

Lift up our hands in the Sanctuary
Everybody dance in the Sanctuary
So hear our voice in the Sanctuary
We rejoice in the Sanctuary

Can you imagine a place where all that matters is the music
DJ plays and the party people lose it
Singing, screaming, dancing around
I like the soulful sound of the underground

No pressure, no fear
Nobody’s in your business cause nobody really cares
Everyone’s special and you should feel the same
Welcome to the Sanctuary (I’m so glad you came)

Brothers and sisters, we are at the crossroads
Either we move forward, or get left behind
We gotta keep on keeping on
House music will never die
I don’t think you heard it