DJ Leon Smith – The Musings of Australia’s Tallest DJ!

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Leon Smith

He is known and recognised for many traits in the Sydney DJ scene. His impressive height (coming in grazing the 7ft region), his vast array of throwback jerseys and sneakers and an unrivalled hip hop playlist that spans years and sub genres. He is also known for his unapologetic opinions on the world of Hip Hop in Australia and beyond and his love of holding court in what is probably the most coveted DJ gig in the city …. Head spinner at Sydney strip club Bada Bing! DJ Leon Smith makes no secret of how much he loves his job playing hip hop for the naked and beautiful every week, but its unbridled love of hip hop and playing against the grain that makes him stand out from the rest.

Leon Smith holds historic weight in the Australian DJ community, with close to twenty years in the game; he has seen…

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