Vinyl vs. MP3

Confessions Of A Crate Digger

“Why do you buy records when you can download music digitally?”. At least once a week someone will ask me that very question, and I’ll roll my eyes and give them a short answer because quite frankly I really can’t be bothered explaining myself. every. time.


Have you ever noticed when you listen to a certain genre it instantly changes your mood. i.e. soul music helps me unwind, dance music motivates me at the gym and gangster rap makes me wanna do drive-bys in my neighbourhood (just playing) but you get my drift – music has the ability to evoke emotions and change your life. Throughout my life music has always had an impact on me. As a kid it would take me a month to save all my pocket money to buy that one CD I was dreaming to own, and the moment I got that CD, that awesome…

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