Sydney Popping Summit – Video


 The first ever Sydney Popping Summit (SPS) was held at the UTS underground on the 12th of August 2014. Part of Popping Nation All Star Weekend, the event was a collaboration with the UTS Hip Hop society (UTSHHS), Popping Nation Association (PNA) and Oz Poppin Scene (OPS).

The summit discussed certain  topics in regards to the scene e.g. professionalism, pay rates, exposing the scene to a wider community etc. To guide the conversations and topics the panelists included past and present dancers i.e. Danis Kool, Rap Attack, Nacho Pop, Poppin Jack, K Boogz, Kris G and Fatrick.

Although the meeting was consist of mainly of poppers, the topics discussed are quite universal that is applicable to other street dance styles and communities.

So sit back and grab a cuppa.

Length: ~ 2 hours
Minutes: Still in the process of finishing

Gangsta PoseGangsta Pose Source: Poppin Jack

Summit 2014 NormalNormal Pose Source: Poppin Jack

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