RETURN OF THE REAL AND SOULPOWER presents Isaac Aesili featuring Rachel Fraser and They Ray Mann Three plus DJ’s @ TONE, 12th of NOVEMBER!

Musicians don’t retire, they stop when there’s no music left in them… “Louis Armstrong”
Grindin’ and Funkdafied  have teamed up to present ‘Return of the Real’ featuring New Zealand’s Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser with our very own soul connoisseurs The Ray Mann Three, plus special guests. We will be creating the ultimate soul experience at Tone on the 12th of November!

A consummate multi instrumentalist and beatmaker, Isaac Aesili’s debut album ‘Eye See’ is a representation of the diverse world we live in. Rich textures of reggae, dub, electronica and soft soulful r&b are woven intricately to create a landscape of futuristic escapism. It’s like astral traveling, yet you can still feel the dirt in between your toes.

Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser @ TONE

Described as one of the most humblest beings, Isaac’s album collaboration consists of vocals from Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle, Aaradhna, Deva Mahal, Rosita Vai, and Rachael Fraser who will be accompanying him to Australia.

Described by Benji B as  “One of the most exciting soul talents to emerge from the South Pacific!” (Benji B, Deviation; BBC1 Xtra), Isaac is will be armed on stage with an MPC and trumpet, plus amazing soul singer Rachael Fraser, transforming you into another world.

Hailing from Sydney, our soul connoisseurs are knowledgeable in technique and form, raw, funky, cheeky and talented. With a strong loyal following built over years of local performances at venues around town, Ray Mann Three have taken their distinctive sound across local borders touring all over Australia and Japan whilst sitting down! Yup, the guys sit on their comfy seats, perform their instruments and entice you to join a night of playful intimacy.


The Ray Mann Three’s CV is quite impressive having supported for Tori Amos, AL Green, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Jamie Lidell, Roy Ayers, Kate Miller Heidke, The Bamboo’s, Ash Grundwall and Holy Throsby.

In May 2008, Ray Mann Three released their anticipated album of the same title boosting their national following. Sydney morning Herald described their sound as a fusion of “…D’angelo’s sex appeal with the grit of Tom Waits.”

It’s music that you loose yourself in….

DJ’s on the night are Stephan Ferris, Huwston, JC Funkdafied and Thomas Crown!

Join us for a night of what Sydney has been yearning and missing… If there’s anything that we need more of, it’s the return of the real!
For more information on the venue, please log on to their website and subscribe to their mailing list.

From Return or the Real and Soul Power Team:

Grindin‘ , Funkdafied and KRYSTEL diolita DIOLA





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