B-Boy Bootcamp/Workshop April 2-6, Featuring: BOUNCE,LUIGI,FRANKIE FLAVE,BRUSE LEE

DATE: 2-5 APRIL 2010

VENUE: Berry Sport and Recreation Centre,

Coolangatta rd Berry NSW

The one and only ‘BBOY BOOTCAMP‘ is back in 2010.

With fresh new International Instructors ready to drop a bomb of knowledge for everyone who plans to come and be a part of this Australian Hip Hop Milestone. Confirmed so far:

  • BOUNCE (BOOGIE BRATS/MZK) One of the illest underground killers in the scene!!!!!
  • LUIGI (SKILL METHODZ) The one and only!!!!!!WORD
  • BRUSE LEE(GAMBLER CREW) Next leeeeeevel!

Bboy/Bgirl workshops focusing on Fundamentals, Power, Musicality, Battle tactics, History and More….

Camp costs $395 and includes 4 days Accomodation, Pimpin Meals, Workshops, Hip Hop Lectures, Activities and Exclusive entry to the BOOTCAMP Battles.

Every body will be hanging out and having mad fun with each other including the internationals! For those of you who came last year, you know what im talking about!!!

Registration opens January 1st 2010 and closes March 26th 2010.
Please email bgirlaalize@gmail.com with your full name, date of birth, address and contact number for registration details.

Check the videos some of the videos here:




Below is a post from live4style.net from one of last years participants!

“Yo, Whats up.

For those wanting a perspective if you haven’t been before from someone thats gone………… I thought I’d share my experience.

Firstly, you get to meet all the BbOys /Bgirls from all over Australia. People that you may have seen at taking out comps or people that are just starting out. The depth of levels makes meeting everyone interesting. Bboy Bootcamp aint like a competition where some bboys get mental and angry. Everyone is on the same page even though the skill levels vary quite a lot. So that for me was awesome!

Secondly you might get to particpate also in other battles in the accomodation at night time such as Krumping and Popping with many random challenges over the course of the camp 😉 . Good fun to be had (or watched and laughed at 😆 )

You will get out of it what you want. If you take what the teachers give you then as a bboy/bgirl you’ll improve heaps. I’ve got my footwork and toprock down so much better then before camp last year due to just practicing the basic exercises from PoE One and Kid David. Plus all the teachers I found last year were more then happy to answer questions…………and man I asked heaps! Also same with the Bboys / Bgirls. So how often do you get the chance to do that?????

If you went on a holiday $395 over 3 nights works out to be $130+ per night. That would not be including meals, jams, awesome tips and getting to meet some of the best BbOys in the world!

If you have to borrow money to come…do it! If you have a hard time paying just ask Rush or Aalize for help cause their love for hip hop outweighs any monetary value they will get from this and they will work out how you can pay them.

I’m so pysched and it aint even February!

If you don’t come your seriously missing out. That’s IT. FINISHED!!




Aalize & Rush





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