Sydney Music & Food Guide: DOM DIAZ live at NEXT DOOR Cronulla Beach

Man this immensely talented dude doesn’t get enough props if you ask us, we’ve been fans of Dom Diaz for years & every now and then we get a sweet reminder of just how dope he is & how mad some of our home-grown talents is.

Last weekend was one of those moments, we made a very rare trim to Cronulla for Sunday breakfast & a swim. On the stroll back from the beach we heard the sweet sound of trumpets by the water only to find DOM DIAZ doing a live loop pedal set outside in the courtyard of NEXT DOOR bar/restaurant overlooking the water. We were lucky enough to catch up with Dom up close doing a solo live set reworking all kinds of Soul & R&B joints & some of his original songs looping everything beat-box, trumpet, guitar, singing & laying down some freestyle raps.

If you are ever in the area be sure to check the place out, especially when they have some live stuff. No doubt their booker knows what’s up.

Come for the food, stay for the music

Check out NEXT DOOR |

More from DOM HERE |


Dom Diaz is an explosive wave of upbeat Reggae and Latin rhythms, doused in thick Funk syrup that’s sole purpose is to make you move and be moved. His performance style and infectious vibe engage the audience to kindle their inner animal, forget their inhibitions and completely let go. Concerned only with providing a musical journey for everyone, Dom Diaz has navigated to a specific progressive sound – a potent hybrid of psychedelia, deep dub and feel-good Hip-Hop. It’s a sound that urges to be heard live with elements of electronica and organic roots to induce you into a trance and fuel your inner creative fire. Trumpet in hand Dom Diaz and his multi-instrumental compadres will command space and time and bring unlimited energy to the stage.


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