Sydney Music: MIKE CHAMPION drops new Lockdown Video with COTTONBRO

Sydney soul artist MIKE CHAMPION used some of this time in lockdown to put together this crafty new video release.

LONG STATUS ALERT🚨🙏🏾 Are we losing our minds in Lockdown? If I completely lose my mind I‘ll be more then grateful for the opportunity God has given me to create a new better, bolder, more committed, more selfless mind to explore the new world with! Here’s sending my people more life, more power.

I don’t know what compelled me to write and record a rap verse. I’m not a rapper. Something about those Kaytranada drums brought out the bars in me 😆 (This is his beat I just borrowed it🙌🏾). Or maybe it was hearing these remarkable words from the forever inspiring Russell Brand while scrolling through the gram.🤯🙌🏾

Big Up the CottonBro fam for the collabo as well📹🔥. If this time has taught me anything thus far, it’s that we shouldn’t be afraid to be who we truly are in every situation life brings our way. The World as we’ve known it is ending because a New World is what we need. A world of love and patience and gratitude for the things that really matter. It’s important this approach stems from the bottom up and not the other way around. The Power is with we the people. 

I’m striving to believe in my own power from this point on in and If I happen to slip back into to old ways of thinking, please somebody hold me accountable! 🙏🏾 2020. Has been a much needed lesson for me, for us, for humanity. I know many people have lost lives, loved ones, lost jobs and income, lost out on opportunities to travel (me and my family included). It’s clear we have experienced great loss as a people. But with great loss there is always greatness to be gained moving forward. Great struggle creates even greater strength. I know we will be better because of this. We can only move towards being more together as a people of the Earth coming out of this. This is why for me holistically 2020 has been a Great Year! Let me know in the comments what’s been great about 2020 for you fam? “ILY❤️.Yours Sincerely,

Young Boy🤘🏾


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