Sydney Funk + Hip Hop collective RENEGADE FUNKTRAIN live on Recovery (1996)

Sydney Funk & Hip Hop collective RENEGADE FUNKTRAIN formed back in 1994 and made pretty dope music for the short time they were around infusing heavy live grooves with the full band & live scratching & MC’s like no not many others were doing at the time. We loved this band back in the high-school days, wish they put out a few more releases.

From memory only released one self-titled album in 1995 & a couple of singles, some of which we still play at our parties today.

This is a clip of them doing their it large with the full band live on Recovery on a Saturday morning back in 1996. You can see brother and sister Rosano & Tina Martinez up front on vocals, DJ ASK adding cuts and the band Dereck Antunes (on drums) alongside Juan Gonzalez (keyboard) and Adam Dehnem on Bass.

We found this & a stack of killer local Sydney music from the likes of King Farook, Good BuddhaSKUNKHOURDIG Directions In GrooveThe Ray Mann ThreeDojo CutsFonke Knomaads, DJ Soup, MC Kye / Budspells, Atone, Wicked Beat Sound System, Ali Omar & more.

We cant wait to put it in a podcast and share in the next few weeks.

We will be dropping something on our Soundcloud page soon HERE

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