GIG NEWS: Legendary RICH MEDINA (Jump N Funk, Philadelphia) in Sydney this Thur Mar 9 at Freda’s (Chippendale) | Afro Beat, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop


We are pretty keen to catch one of our biggest musical influences up close & personal this week at Freda’s in Chippendale. Catch Philadelphia’s don RICH MEDINA (Jump N Funk) throwing down a solid dose of FUNK, SOUL, AFRO-BEAT & beyond  alongside MIKE WHO, TOM STUDDY & SOUL OF SYDNEY DJ’s.

Check out the gig info, ticket links and more below.

Rich Medina (Philadelphia) | Freda’s | Thursday, 09. March 2017

Thursday 9th March

Limited Capacity Affair @ Freda’s

Featuring RICH MEDINA (Jump N Funk / Philadelphia)

Supported by Mike Who, Soul Of Sydney DJs & Tom Studdy


Limited early bird tickets on sale here:

Who is this guy who leads you across an empty floor, and then slides his glasses down his nose and looks into your eyes with his like, crazily beautiful ones and lays you down on musical satin sheets? Who is that who instantly fills the floor with other dancers and everyone is sweating together? The man who tips his extremely well-fitted hat to you all before slipping away into the night to drink a smooth but stiff drink? Who was that man with the rare intellect, poet’s soul and deep knowledge of afrobeat? Rich Medina, that’s who.

For the past two decades, Rich Medina has cemented his reputation for taking audiences worldwide on a sonic journey through hip-hop, house, soul, afrobeat, funk, breaks and dance classics. Many of his idols have become peers, and his fans often become his friends, just through the shared experience of music. Countless couples and relationships were commenced to the soundtracks he has created!

Rich Medina’s passion for spinning records began at the tender age of twelve, when he played his first party in his hometown of Lakewood, New Jersey. From that moment forward, he studied his craft with the focus of a seasoned athlete, quietly developing the skills that made sequencing and mixing music extremely natural to him.

Medina is known worldwide for his residencies, most notably an epic 9 year run for the legendary Lil’ Ricky’s Rib Shack at APT and his beloved JUMP N FUNK, North America’s Original Afrobeat party, begun 2001.

Rich at the limited capacity Freda’s bar is sure to be a wild and sweaty, heartfelt affair.