“Without music life is simply an error..”- Friedrich Nietzsche

Shake that load off

This struck me. I immediately entered into a quandry and as a lover of both life and music- I found myself perplexed.  I instantly had interpreted this quote to mean that  our footprint as human beings is more of an evolutionary accident than a necessary contribution to the cosmos. (“A virus with shoes” I believe Bill Hicks called us..)
With that swallowed, was i to understand that music is our only worthwhile export?
If you percieve us as being the point at which the universe turns inward and becomes aware of itself- we are more of a divine anomaly than an accident. It is fitting then, that we, as a collective have created this wonderful means by which to connect and ponder the very daunting reality of our presence on this Earth. A universal language if you will.
Music is defined to be: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in…

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