ATP and Beatkamp Muzik – Producing Australian Hip Hop His Way

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Hip Hop music production in Australia has come a long way. What used to be unknown waters chartered by a few is now an open channel of musical expression and boundless talent that continues to shape and change the evolving landscape of the urban music genre in this country. Our productions are crossing the pond and grabbing the attention and earholes of some of the biggest names in the industry, all wanting that Aussie touch to their hip hop beat.

One such producer that has been grabbing the attention of many is Gold Coast based Producer/Dj A.T.P. (Aza Tha Producer), founder and head producer of BeatKamp Muzik. As one of Australia and New Zealand’s most respected and in-demand music producers, ATP has gone on to achieve what only few could dare to imagine. As the proud recipient of a platinum plaque for co-writing the No. 1 US hit single

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