Sydney’s DJ Nasser T – The Originator!

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DJ Nasser T 3

If you don’t know who DJ Nasser T is then this is your crash course in “how-to-maintain-consistency-and-success-as-one-of-Sydney’s-original-urban-dj’s! His honesty and professionalism is what keeps this hard-working and passionate radio and club dj focused on bringing nothing but the music to his strong fan base and never believing the superficial hype that often envelopes a DJ’s true mission in this game. Currently the tour support DJ for the C & C Music Factory Tour, Nasser T always makes time for what matters the most – real conversation about real music in an industry that he has helped build from the bottom up!

When did you become a DJ and what inspired you to want to be a DJ?

At the age of 15, I dj’ed my first party so I guess that’s when I become a real DJ and not a bedroom banger! Watching movies like Beat Street, Breakdance, Krush Groove…

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