Rosie Henshaw talks her Soul, her Spirit and the Essence of being Rosie!

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Rosie 2

She is quite simply….effervescent! I have always wanted to use that word to describe someone I wrote on one day and she has made it happen. Rosie Henshaw has that kind of effect on people, making them do and feel things they wouldn’t normally. Perhaps it the gift of a multi-talented cross-sectional musician/ singer/ songwriter that meanders through this life with the spirit of what it truly means to be connected to the heart of music.

Having taking part in the famed television singing contest The Voice Australia in 2013, that experience was merely an additive in the colourful life of Ms Henshaw. Although she never took the win on the Voice, she is an artist who can confidently have the last laugh as she looks back on her already solid achievements in the global music community. With an eclectic childhood being raised in exotic locations like Hong Kong and…

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