POPPING NATION ASSOCIATION 2014 session has now been concluded. Congratulations to Michael Lay and his team Curious Minds for taking out the competition, Keanu Wardana and Bad Aces for second place.

Thank you those who participated this session, was very good to see how the teams progressed throughout the competition. Hope everyone enjoyed, made new friends, learnt something new and inspired each other in this year’s PNA. There were some dope routines that I saw, we should compile all routines and go busking or a performance.

Special thanks to the coaches, Kris Gusti, Gi Hun Dirtyg Lee, Patrick Fong,Alan Chuor and Lunlun Jino for coaching each team throughout the year, I know it wasn’t an easy task to do. Special thanks to the parents who supported each event and getting their children to training days and events. Thank you Rhys John Haggart for MCing.

Special thanks…

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