Naima McLean – South Africa’s Urban Soul

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naima MCLEAN

She hails from the African Motherland with a voice filled with soul and passion. A voice that has captured not only the ears of her homeland but has travelled abroad to tantalise the spirits of the global community. Naima McLean is a creative soul in every sense of the word. The singer, songwriter, poet and actress has worked tirelessly over the last few years to emblazon her artistic imprint on an industry as diverse and inspiring as she is, the South African entertainment community.

Naima McLean is a proud “Pan African “as she describes herself, a unique and beautiful embodiment of an African mother and American father. She is one of the greatest rising stars to come out of the South African music industry to date and with her already amazing body of work solidified, her momentum has been steadily rising in the areas of music, acting and performance art…

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