NEW MUSIC: Felatastic Vol. 2 – A Tribute to Fela Kuti | AFRO-BEAT

Peace Peace People,

First and foremost, thanks for getting this far. Now take the next jump and check our new album Felatastic Vol. 2 – A Tribute to Fela Kuti on Bandcamp. The album comes in celebration of Fela’s birthday and legacy throughout the worlds of music, politics, and life in general. Felatastic bumps with a funk and bounce that’s irresistible. From start to finish you won’t be disappointed or stop moving. Enjoy Felatastic Vol. 2 for free download and streaming on Bandcamp (album covers below).

Thank you all so much for supporting great music and keeping the culture flavorful!


Peace Peace,

G-DO & Xception

Official Site:
Twitter: @GDOandXception
All Inquiries: gdoandxception



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