SYDNEY FUNK & SOUL: Confection’s Let’s Fall Back (remixes by Miguel Campbell, Toni Toni Lee, J Connection & Reeno)


Daft Punk may have a “new” disco sound,

but Confection have been doing this for years!

Real Disco Goodness performed by Real Peeps

Remixes from Miguel Campbell, Toni Toni Lee,

J Connection & Reeno.


  1. Let’s Fall Back (edited version)
  2. Let’s Fall Back (Full Length Album Version)
  3. Let’s Fall Back (J Connection Remix)
  4. Let’s Fall Back (Miguel Campbell Remix)
  5. Let’s Fall Back (Reeno’s Very Special 12” Remix)
  6. Let’s Fall Back (Reeno’s Very Special 12” Instrumental)
  7. Let’s Fall Back (Toni Toni Lee Remix)



Sure they may not have the profile of Daft Punk (who does?) but Confection’s new release ‘Let’s Fall Back’ is built on precisely the same disco-funk foundations so recently exploited by the French robot-men.

‘Let’s Fall Back’ offers up more of Confection’s trademark dancefloor blueprint: old school R&B swagger, disco nostalgia and moments of unrepentant pop bursting with sweet harmonies. It’s a sound that throws back to Chic and Prelude-era disco. A REAL live original disco creation. The bass and guitar groove lock is second only to Nile and Bernard (except it’s Mikey from Van She and Confection’s own J-Man), and the piano, drums and strings are – yep, all performed beautifully by real players. Furthermore the vocals from Juanita Tippins have GENUINE soul. This isn’t re-edited/sampled NU-disco, this is sho nuff real thang supersoul disco. People aren’t supposed to make records like this anymore!!!!

Confection have flown under the radar for a while with their pure boogie-funk-stylings, but the people in the know are jumping on board – with uber trendy DJ Miguel Campbell heavily sampling ‘I’ve Gotta Thing (4 U)’ on the track ‘Boy’ from his ‘Back In Flight School’ album (on Jamie Jones & Lee Foss’ Hot Creations label).

Campbell (best known for the massive club hits ‘Something Special’ and ‘Baby I Got It’) repays the favour with a smooth and deep nu-disco rework of Let’s Fall Back. Sydney’s Toni Toni Lee’s mix is deeper still, lowdown and bumping, J Connection’s mix is superb modern boogie tip and NYC’s Reeno provides extended remixes in the classic style of 80’s M&M 12" reworks.

‘Let’s Fall Back’ is out now on One Stop Funk Shop


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