Alicia Keys Songs Light Up The Empire State Building

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Grammy winning singer, Alicia Keys was invited to flick the switch that lit up a display of lights in the Empire State building. The lights were timed to her song “Girl on Fire” as well as her anthem with Jay-Z, “Empire State of Mind.”

Last night at the event promoting today’s release of  her new album “Girl on Fire,” she  said, “Everything surrounds the Empire State Building, plus the lights on the Empire State Building reflect the  different times of the year and the different things that are happening… It’s  such a community feeling there, so tonight I get to be a part of a special  moment.”

Keys watched the special show from a nearby building and twitted, “Watching the Empire State Building light up with Gof (Girl on Fire) and Empire State of mind was BEYOND my wildest dreams!!”

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One thought on “Alicia Keys Songs Light Up The Empire State Building

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