DAPTONE RECORDS: NEW 45! | Antibalas | Sugarman 3 LP Bundles


0_w250_h251_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCffffff.jpgThe Sugarman 3

“Dirty Water” b/w “Bushwacked”


With orders of our newest Long Player “What the World Needs Now ” reaching record levels, the frenzy is upon us. Given the frenzy, we understand that some collateral damage is to be expected: Fainting, Trampling, Hysteria… You know the deal. But we at Daptone headquarters are doing our best to keep such inevitabilities to a minimum. So DIG this! A BRAND NEW single from the Sugarman 3!

2_w400_h400_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCffffff.jpgOut August 7th!

Track list:

1. Dirty Money

2. The Rat Catcher

3. Him Belly No Go Sweet

4. Ari Degbe

5. Ìbéjì

6. Sáré Kon Kon

Listen to a “Sare Kon Kon” redux HERE.

Antibalas on:




Daptone Co-owner, producer and former member, Gabriel Roth, on Antibalas: “Rhythm is what makes a good Afrobeat record. Not just the rhythm section, but the rhythm of the horns, the rhythm of the vocals, the rhythm of the keyboards, everybody’s rhythm. It’s not just about being right or wrong in your rhythm, or being good at it, but it’s about feeling something the same way, swinging the same way, anticipating things the same way, and hitting things the same way — everybody hearing music the same way, and being able to turn all those instruments into one voice. Antibalas is the only band that can do that, right now. That’s why they’re still at the front of the scene, after all these years.”

Watchas Neal Sugarman tells the story of The Sugarman 3.6_w450_h338_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCffffff.png

4_w298_h299_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCffffff.jpgThe Sugarman 3 VINYL BUNDLES!Bundle #1: All four Sugarman 3 LP’s

Bundle #2:

What The World Needs Now + Soul Donkey

Bundle #3:

What The World Needs Now + Pure Cane Sugar

Bundle #4:

What The World Needs Now + Sugar’s Boogaloo

Button Packs!

Will it be a Sugar’s Boogaloo day or a Pure Cane Sugar day? Doesn’t matter! Your lapel has never looked classier!

The Sugarman 3 What The World Needs Now On Sale At:

Daptone Super Soul Super Store (CD/LP/MP3/FLAC) – GET IT

iTunes: USUKFranceGermanyBelgiumNetherlandsLuxembourg

Amazon: USUKFranceGermany

eMusic: http://www.emusic.com/album/sugarman-3/what-the-world-needs-now

Spotify: The Sugarman 3 – What The World Needs Now

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