That’s what she said!

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Sloppy Seconds is…

A re-edit label (Sloppy Seconds – get it?).  You can find me digitally on Juno for now.  I do have plans to press up vinyl sometime in the near future.  The material that I plan on using for the vinyl releases will be titles exclusive to the wax catalog (I have a secret stash saved specifically for this purpose).  I’ll let you all know when that happens.

A music resource website.  I’ve been collecting vinyl since the early/mid 80s and have amassed quite an amount of relatively obscure stuff and started the blog as a way to promote lesser known artists and their releases.  Because of the controversy surrounding mp3s I had originally intended to only post titles that are out of print, but I also realized that there are tons of new releases that are equally as amazing that weren’t being promoted very well.  The music selection there varies greatly and includes just about anything that moves me and/or  makes me laugh.  Here’s the addy.  Make yourselves at home.  Beer is in the fridge.

(For the record, I have received numerous emails stating that purchases of posted material were made due to promotion of said titles from the blog.)

And a DJ.  I’ve been DJing for quite some time now.  Most of you have never heard of me, which might have something to do with the severe lack of self promotion over the years – I never liked that part of the job, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the self promotion game needed to be stepped up if I wanted to continue to do this.

(Sloppy Seconds promo #4)

In order to make this post as short as possible the track listing will be available in the comments section.

Other places known to have Sloppy Seconds sightings aka where to contact me-



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One thought on “That’s what she said!

  1. Track listing:

    01. Bumblebee Unlimited “I Got a Big Bee”
    02. Loleatta Holloway “Hit & Run”
    03. Skyy “First Time Around” Kenny Dope Main Mix
    04. Skyy “First Time Around” Kenny Dope Drums
    05. Marlena Shaw “Woman of the Ghetto” 4AM Rework
    06. Koto “Chinese Wargames”
    07. Toby Tobias “Crocodile Tears”
    08. We’re Lofty Volt “Alter Flaw”
    09. The Orb “Perpetual Dawn” (Pal Joey Cumulo Nimbus Mix)
    10. Kraftwerk “Musique Non Stop”
    11. NYC Peech Boys “On A Journey” 12″ Vocal Mix
    12. Mantronix “Listen to the Bass”
    13. Edwin Birdsong “Son of a Rapper Dapper Snapper”
    14. Julia & Company “Breakin’ Down”
    15. Whodini “Escape” Instrumental
    16. Stevie Nicks “Stand Back”
    17. Space Ranger “Phase Fever”
    18. Dolle Jolle “Balearic Incarntation” (Todd Terje’s Extra Mix)
    19. Larry Heard “Dance of Planet X”


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