Sydney Funk Video: KING FAROOK – ZABBADOUAI (Back in the Day)

We got to say these dudes were one of the first funk outfits we saw getting out in Sydney & they were so bloody good. Once of the wildest live shows jam packed with heavy funk and hip hop grooves perfect for a dacefloor. We always wanted to book them at a party but they pretty much stopped doing gigs about the time we started doing our own jams. The band members are still pretty active around the scene, but sadly it doesnt look like King Farook are still doing shows these days, if they were we would have them front and centre at Soul of Sydney.



Stylistic boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred in today’s musical melting pot, and King Farook are at the vanguard as they pioneer a genre all their own. With an appeal that cuts across styles as diverse as Funk, Rock, Hip-hop, Soul, Jazz, RnB, Latin and even Metal, they have a fan base just as varied. Their unique sound, intense energy and masterful delivery will captivate you no matter where your tastes lie.

Indeed, it was that spectacular live energy that drove their success from early on. Forming in 2006, crowds soon flocked to their shows as the word-of-mouth buzz grew. Within that year they won the Epic Sydney Performer’s Challenge, and went on to release their self-funded and self-produced debut album Land of the Horny, launched at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel the night before New Years Eve (a notoriously difficult date for promoters), to a sell-out crowd.

Kicking off 2007 with a slam-dunk New Years Eve performance at Peats Ridge Festival, it became clear that their massive sound demanded an equally big stage. They’ve since headlined at a range of festivals including Dreamfest Newtown, Surry Hills Festival, Feelgood Festival and Glebe Street Fair, as well as show-stopping performances at the Rhino Urban Music Awards and MusicOz Awards. All up, they tallied a total of 75 shows throughout the year with highlights including:

– A massive series of sell-out shows in Sydney, including The Annandale Hotel (twice), Will & Toby’s, Civic Theatre, Spectrum and The Vanguard.
– Reviewed as “Performance Highlight” of 2007 Rhino Urban Music Awards at Luna Park.
– Cover story on Sydney Morning Herald Metro Magazine, headlined as the “Next Big Things”.
– Launched their Single Zabbadouai (Back In The Day) to a sell-out crowd at The Vanguard with special guest John Blackwell (drummer for Prince and Justin Timberlake) in the Encore performance.
– Featured on the cover of Drum Media magazine and nominated for Best Urban Single and Artist of the Year at the 2007 MusicOz Awards, where they closed the show at the Enmore Theatre and rocked the Home Nightclub after party.
– First ever act to sell out Sydney venue Will and Toby’s in presales alone.
– Highly acclaimed and successful 2 month midweek residency at Newtown’s Sandringham Hotel.
– Sold thousands of copies of their debut album Land Of The Horny via their own website.
– Solid touring schedule, with regular sell-out shows in capitals and regional centres.Shared the stage with fantastic bands such as De La Soul, Bluejuice, True Live, Butterfingers, Figgkid and many more.


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