MUSIC DOCUMENTARY: MIGUELITO + Q&A by Sam Zubrycki | Groovescooter

Sydney DJ, Crate DIgger, Musician & Film Maker, Sam Zubrycki made this amazing documentary that traces the disappearance of the Puerto Rican singer Miguelito and the rediscovery of his life and music decades later.

Watch the Australian Premier this weekend as part of Antenna Film Festival & presented by our good friends at Groovescooter.

Happening tomorrow at Palace Cinema in Paddington.
Info below

Sam Zubrycki | Australia | 2019 | 93 min | Australian Premiere

In 1973, an album by an 11-year-old salsa singer was played by every radio station in Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Discovered by renowned New York record producer Harvey Averne, Miguelito’s early success rescued him from poverty, but his subsequent disappearance and the cult status of his one album became an obsession for Australian filmmaker Sam Zubrycki.

An upbeat road trip through Latin America becomes a quest to find Miguelito and the reason for his mysterious vanishing, uncovering memories from many fans affected by his music, alongside wonderful performances showcasing the musical depth of the Caribbean.

The tale of a once-forgotten salsero is brought beautifully to life.

Sam Zubrycki is a guest of the festival and will take part in a Q&A after the screening Co-presented with Groovescooter


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