THANK YOU from everyone involved in SOUL POWER !

Massive L.O.V.E to everybody who made it down to yesterdays SOUL POWER party & helped make it such an unforgettable afternoon.

That was honestly one of the most rewarding events we have ever been part of! It was so nice to see such an wonderful cultural mix of people old & young just getting down and enjoying REAL SOUL based MUSIC in all its forms.

Yesterday’s event was a massive collaboration with local Artists, DJ’s, MC’s, MUSICIANS & PARTY CREWS in the SOUL, FUNK, HIP HOP & RnB scene who came together to shine a bit of positive light on our scene and home-grown talent.

Individual shout out to the A TEAM behind the scenes who got together to get make it all from in only a week’s time. That was some kind of SUPER HUMAN EFFORT & one everyone should be extremely proud of. I think it really needs to be noted how much time and effort these guys put in & how much pressure everyone had to deal with to help put this jam together in basically a weeks time. Sending an extra specia shout out to SHAN FRENZIE (Groove Therapy Radio) JC & Funkdafied family, DJ ADVERSE The Groove Dealers, KRYSTEL DIOLA Behind The Front for driving this baby like TRUE FUNK SOLDIERS doing it STRICTLY FOR THE LOVE and strictly for Sydney’s music heads.

Looking back now to last week when all the ideas for this were all coming together, I get the feeling everyone involved behind the scenes knew this was going to be something special. Within a couple of hours after soulfest was cancelled a host of DJ’s, Artists and MC’s were right on it in, coming together as a mini crisis committee to try and get something together for the people. Everyone was looped into a massive Facebook conversation with a basic idea to try and do something to fill the void and include some of the artists who were supposed to perform at the festival & a few we believed really needed to be part of this.

In only a couple of hours, Ideas were rolling through thick and fast, I know on our part, it was starting to feel like it was our duty to try and help get something going. I personally felt we had to try to make it something with a real point of difference. something with a live music element & something we believed would bring different scenes together on a dance floor, and something put in place that had room to grow if we wanted to do again in the future. We really did not have the finer details finalised but I know everyone similar ideas for the overall direction of a event & looking back now it is amazing just how much ground was actually covered & how quick and how well it all came together.

There seemed to be many people hurting & many people who were heading to Sydney from out of town who needed something to do.

The response was PHENOMENAL from the second it was announced last Saturday and really hit home how well the local scene does support when things are done right & how much of a need there was for this. Much respect to you all for coming out believing in the idea and being such a massive part of its success.

We also have to give props to the legends who looked after the music & the vibe on the day, this city is so blessed to have SO MUCH amazing word class talent and it was an absolute grateful to see you all working you magic yesterday.

Be sure to follow these LOCAL LEGENDS and give them love online, support their gigs and buy them a beer when you see them out, they really are the HEART & SOUL of Sydney’s music scene and deserve all the admiration for their hardwork shaping our cities musical landscape.

Dj Trey | (
The Groove Dealers | MAKOTO & DJ ADVERSE & the crew
JC & the Funkdafied massive | (
THE Soul Patrol DANCERS | Megan, Ayesha & Zeina
Thandi Phoenix, YANYA, DAN RIVERS
MATTY BOY of Audio 4 Events and ROLY ELIAS on the sound desk all day.

Also have to send an heartfelt thanks to the Sarah and everyone at theVic on the Park Hotel for getting on board and giving us that amazing venue and supporting the idea like true legends.

We also need to thank Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream & Baklava and Manoosh Pizzeria & King Street Newtown for putting up with the sugar fueled post SOUL POWER shenanigans for 3 hours 🙂