NEW SYDNEY HIP HOP / SOUL | Yum Yum release debut video ‘Just Friends’ (Produced and directed by Bryce Hooper)

New Sydney music courtesy of our good friends YUM YUM.

Sydney based soul, hip hop, dub and delta blues duo Yum Yum are proud to announce the release their debut video clip Just Friends today! Just Friends is a track found off their debut EP ‘Slade Meets Jayo’ released in August 2014.

Produced and directed by Sydney videographer Bryce Hooper whose expertise extends to other local hip hop artists such as Chasm, B-Wise, Sky High featuring David Dallas and has collaborated with established director, producer and photographer Tristan Stefan Edouard on a number of projects.

Filmed in the back streets of Inner West – Marrickville – where love experienced in various manifestations is set as our backdrop for Just Friends. If you listen to the words, it is self explanatory. The idea of developing feelings beyond a friendship is something we all can relate to at some point in our lives. The music itself adds the element of questioning; slowly unveiling desires curdling beneath the surface.

“The beat that Jayo wrote was called ‘Best friends’’, yet the beat was so sultry and sexy, it had to be more than just a friendship! It’s about admiring a friend at a distance and then she’s either thinking to herself or saying out loud ‘will we ever be? I think the video captures this wondering.” explains vocalist and one half of Yum Yum, Natalie Slade.

Slade Meets Jayo EP is available now.

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