Free International Women’s Day God Queen Summit | Sun March 8 – Callan Park Lillyfield


International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8th March as an opportunity to recognise the unique qualities of WOMAN and to bring about awareness of women’s rights issues. In 2015 the words ‘feminist’, ‘woman’ and ‘equality’ and are loaded with opinions, ideas and associations that often prevent people from understanding how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go as a society.

God Queen has chosen International Women’s Day to launch its annual Women’s Summit in collaboration with SheKudo (African-Australian fashion label), Behind the Front (PR/Events company) and Stayfly Sydney (all female art community). As a collective of artists, entrepreneurs and humanitarians who share the same goal, we are working together to raise the status of women through art, communication and activism. As an organisation God Queen’s agenda is to challenge the broken systems in the world and provide alternative solutions for humanity to live more harmoniously with one another.

Defining ‘Royalty’ by qualities like NOBILITY, INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, WISDOM and EMPATHY, God Queen’s philosophy is that royalty is displayed through BENEVOLENT ACTION. Championing a ‘Queen among Queens’ mentality; a ‘highness’ that does not require others to be seen as less or below another, God Queen has an non-exclusive policy to align with any person or organisation who shares this drive regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

Please join us on 8 March 2015 for a day of celebration, learning and sharing as we welcome all people to participate in our workshops, engage in our discussions and enjoy our performances. With special thanks to our speakers and artists contributing on the day we will be addressing the following topics:

What is Woman? – Discussing the unique definition of ‘woman’ in 2015 looking beyond the gender binary and body identity.

Panellists: Harri Harding (Trans musician/educator/activist, Helen Gilmore (Eastern Sydney Area Health Service), Mary Huong (Psychologist)

Social Systems and The Family Unit – Comparing contemporary and traditional systems of living from around the world and throughout the times to find alternate, improved ways of raising children and co-existing. Looking at the issues unique to working mothers in current times.

Panellists: Rose Meiruntu (Manager Operations CEWD/registered nurse), Michelle Dickson (Lecturer/Indigenous Community Worker), Mary Huong (Psychologist/The Indigo Project)

Women in Art – How to succeed in the arts industry without losing your integrity and finding creative solutions to the problems of today. Addressing gender equality and fair pay.

Panellists: Candy Royalle (Performance Artist/Activist), MEAA rep, APRA rep, Krystel Diola (PR/Events/Behind The Front)

Ethical Entrepreneurs – Discussing responsibility, sustainable and ethical practice for entrepreneurs and artists.

Panellists: Dr. Brianna Munting (NAVA), Linley White Smith (301), Krystel Diola (PR/Events)

Art as Activism – Bridging the worlds of art, activism and journalism to encourage social change.

Panellists: Candy Royalle, Kween G (Artist/Activist/Community Worker), Mirrah Parker (Youth Worker/Artist), Jackie Leewai (SBS)

Free workshops include:

Yoga/Chi Gong by Eve White

CPR by Rose Meiruntu

Macrame Melissa Carey

TTT’s by Kate Mejaha
Body Bliss by Jenna Tros