DA Truth talks Salvation, Christian Hip Hop and being a Man of his Word

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Da Truth 1

Emanuel Lee Lambert is a man of his word. To God, to his family and most of all to Hip Hop! As one of Christian Hip Hop’s most successful, celebrated and influential artists of this decade, Lambert, also known as DA Truth, has not arrived at this mountain top with ease. In fact it has been a road filled with trials, challenges and lessons that many a young temptation attracted male goes through in the passage of life. The difference is Lambert sought and received a different testimonial to the path his life was on and answered the call of his life’s purpose through Hip Hop.

With a legion of followers in his wake, DA Truth is like a modern day pied piper, spitting rhymes of truth and resolve through the vehicle of hip hop laden tracks that appeal to a broad age and cultural demographic. Having been a student…

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