Australia Disco & Funk Edit Compilation | That’s Not an Edit #1 feat. DJ MEEM, JR DYNAMITE, DJ SOUP & more.


Getting in early for Australia Day our good mates Hober Mallow and JR Dynamite have put out this dope collection of home grow Soul, Funk and Disco edits, remixes and original cuts featuring some of our favorite local producers from around this great country.

Including Soul of Sydney crowd favorite DJ MEEM, JR Dynamite, MR CHOMBEE DJ SOUP and more.

  1. Hober Mallow ­ The Pig Baypack
  2. Daigo ­ Lonely Coffee Break
  3. Featurecast ­ Set it off (Dastardly Kuts Shakin Your Ass Rerub)
  4. Zapp and Roger ­ Just Enough (Casual Connection Rework)
  5. Tower of Power ­ We Came to Play (Mr. Chombee Edit)
  6. Skyrider ­ Take a Look at me (Copycat re­take)
  7. Meem ­ Everybody Ready
  8. Soup ­ Mama Always on stage
  9. Rick James ­ Moon Child (PhysiQue Dub Edit)
  10. Samuse ­ Tout le Monde (CC:Disco Edit)
  11. Klue ­ Musta (Neville brothers ­ Voodoo)
  12. Brother to Brother ­ Chance With You (Personal Best Edit)
  13. Gang do Tagarela ­ Rappers Delight (JR.Dynamite Edits)