Embrace in Martin Place | Meeting to bring Positive Energy to Martin Place | 17 & 18 Dec 2014 from Lunch Time



17 & 18 Dec 2014 from Lunch Time @ Martin Place


Much respect to the people of peace ! We just heard about this grass roots movement Embrace in Martin Place a meeting who have come together to bring some much needed positive vibes from tomorrow at Martin Place.

"In light of the Lindt Cafe siege we as peaceful people are intending to fill Martin Place with positive energy and facilitate conversation to counteract the fear and separation that no doubt arises from this.

The fear and sensationalism put forward by the media can be a catalyst for the idea that we are different from each other and create separation but what is really needed right now is communication and community.

Anyone who wants to contribute to a peaceful conversation, give good hugs, flowers, poems or any other token of friendship and unity is invited to come tomorrow and Thursday.

We will be there around lunch hour till after work on both days"