Artist of the week: Jhene Aiko.

Confessions Of A Crate Digger


The very first time I heard of Jhene Aiko is when I accidentally stumbled across her ‘Sailing Souls’ mixtape back in 2011 and from then on, I instantly became a fan. The moment I heard her voice I was immersed by her soft-sweet melodies, her honest storytelling and her raw/vulnerable lyricism.

Her latest release may play on a clever pun, but ‘Souled Out’ doesn’t stray from the foundation that’s anchored Jhené Aiko’s career thus far. Souled Out is an insular album, not meant to spill from nightclub speakers or queued up on playlists at house parties. It’s ‘party of one’ music to listen to over a glass of wine, or a joint (whatever tickles your fancy really)  Sit back, relax and let the music take over your soul, body and mind.

In the past people have asked me ‘What defines a true artist’ and I’ve always said someone who’s able to touch your soul and…

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