NEW HIP HOP JAZZ SOUL | LHA – You’ll See Someday (P.R Remix)

LHA – You’ll See Someday (P.R Remix)

This is a bonus track from LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal)’s new 2014 album, CLARITY.

Listen to the TRACK:

"When did entertainment take the place of education, when did journalism step aside for t.v ratings, when did we become complacent about the information, about the time we decided its too complicated, why do we never see a criticism of the system, when did opposition equate into terrorism, how can a bank c.e.o pocket 50 million, while half the world are struggling to just make a living, why do we never see the truth on our televisions, why are we apathetic followers with tunnel vision, why do I channel my frustration into lyricism, but never really feel like I’m making any difference, why are our attention spans now shorter than ever, why am I feeling like I’m living in v for vendetta, what is the meaning of these massive inequalities, I’m only saying it because someday I hope you’ll see …" – Adikkal (of LHA)


Track by LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal)
Beat produced by P.R
Additional production by Leehahn
Lyrics by Adikkal
Mixed & Mastered by Leehahn