Lyricist Guilty Simpson talks J.Dilla, Authenticity and Bringing Detroit Hip Hop to Australia

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Guilty 1

There are no bells and whistles when it comes to a hip hop artist as real and raw as Guilty Simpson, the rugged lyricist that keeps Detroit on the forefront of the rap game. With a career that spans close to two decades, Simpson is often heralded as being the ‘rock’ in the Motor City’s hip hop community. His honest and unapologetic rap style has kept him a firm favourite for the hip hop punter seeking a sound that is unfiltered and unfettered by its slightly more glammed up alter ego. You won’t find none of that when listening to a Guilty Simpson track and it is in that honest portrayal of a music genre that in itself portrays a crafty chameleon, with Simpson, what you see is what you get!

First breaking onto the hip hop scene back in 2003 , Simpson solidified himself as a powerhouse lyricist, quickly…

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