FUNKon! @ Crossover Dance Studio Sun 29th June 14′



It’s time once again to get your FUNKon as DirtyG and Funky Swing bring the latest entry into the long running battle series! It’s a 1on1 for poppers and lockers, but there a secret twist that won’t be announced until after the prelims. What’s the secret? Well you’ll need to come down to find out, but it’s fun and an interesting spin on the FUNKon battle format. Ready to battle?

DirtyG and FunkySwings FUNKon!
1on1 Popping and 1on1 Locking
29th June Sunday
6:00pm Battle Start

$10 battle entry
$5 audience entry
$1 off entry for ever audience member a battler brings
Please note Popping and Locking prelims will take place at the same time, so you cannot enter both.

Judged by DirtyG and Funky Swing
with music provided by DirtyG and Funky Swing

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