From the Bronx to Sydney, Breakdancer Will Sanchez Beats the Streets!

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Will Sanchez - Beat the Streets

You can take the B-Boy outta the Bronx but you can’t take the Bronx outta the B-Boy! An adage that befits the enormously talented, skilled, rhythmic wonder that is William ‘Ill Will’ Sanchez, founder of the first ever breakdancing, tap dancing and comedy crew “Beat the Streets”! The crew, founded in the Sydney by the Bronx New York native is an original concept that combines the art of hip hop breakdance with the staccato injections of tap dance and topped off with an infectious comedic flow that has the audience enthralled from start to finish!

Watching the crew, which consists of five of the dance industry’s best performers, it is a heart pumping, non-stop feat that showcases not only Sanchez’ evident hip hop artistry but allows the audience to be interactive with the crew as they perform their street theatre ensemble throughout Sydney city. For Sanchez’ who started his affair…

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