DJ Moto – The Hip Hop Allstar!

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He is one of Sydney’s most respected and revered hip hop DJ’s, having created some of the most iconic nightclub events and mix tapes this community has experienced. He is by all means an AllStar, rising up in the ranks of a novice DJ back in 1997 to taking the scene by storm and heralding in his famed Clubjoint Mixtape series in 1999, the rest as they say is history.  A history that has come with the veritable high and lows associated with going against the grain and creating a path less travelled by others, DJ Moto is the definition of a risk taker and dream maker.

With a unique and sought after DJ style of impressive quick mixing, sharp scratching and innovative track list creation, DJ Moto was never destined to be just another club DJ. He’s keen ability to move with the times always sees him one step ahead…

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