EVENT: DEEP AFRO SOULFUL HOUSE: The Mile High Club & Paul Strange pres. OSUNLADE (Sat Mar 9) Feat. Phil Toke, Michael Zac, Liam Sampras, Matt Cahill, Venuto, Johnny Gleeson

Those good people at Goldfish just dont let up with the bookings, another solid booking from one of the few venues still flying the flag for DEEP & SOULFUL HOUSE in Sydney. The enigmatic afro inspired soulful producer & DJ OSUNLADE is playing on Saturday March 9 with our own Phil Toke in support along with Michael Zac, Liam Sampras, Matt Cahill, Venuto, Johnny Gleeson.

The Mile High Club & Paul Strange presents
OSUNLADE (Yoruba Soul Recordings)
Saturday 9th March


Osunlade is an artist who personifies art. His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Hailing from St. Louis Missouri, a place known for pioneering jazz, blues as well, innovative artists like Miles Davis. At age seven Osunlade discovered the piano and the vision of his life’s destiny was born. By the age twelve he found an interest in creating and producing songs of his own, he formed a local band, taught himself several other instruments and studied further the development of his unique sound.

In 1999, Osunlade would embark on what is now his dream come true. The founding of Yoruba Records. Recognized as one of the most important dance music labels worldwide, Yoruba Records is purely a source of music created to elevate the spirit. As the success of the label grew, so did the demand for Osunlade to expand. In 2001 he released his debut album on the respected Soul Jazz Records label. “Paradigm” quickly became on of the biggest house albums that year and dubbed him the messiah of ancestral house music. With the support of dj’s worldwide and his music now introduced to a wider spectrum of listeners, this veteran musician/composer/producer becoming the artist finally achieved balance within.

Although his demand for production and remixes from labels and artists worldwide, his passion is in Yoruba Records maintaining its reputation of its unparalleled quality in music. With its own family of talented producers and artists developing and bridging sound and cultures, the labels’ evolution is endless and bright.

Ticket Info:
$20 first release through dash tickets

Matt Cahill / Phil Toke / Michael Zac / Venuto
Liam Sampras / Johnny Gleeson

111 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, 2011


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