VIDEO| Classic Piano House & Rave LIVEmash up by Davos feat. Njoi, Strings of Life, Prodigy

Who needs a DJ when you have such talent in the building, big ups to Ben who sent us this one.

  1. Davos – Jazzy Ja= m
  2. NJoi – Anthem
  3. Rhythm is Rhythm – Strings of Life
  4. Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D
  5. You’re gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone -Turntable Orchestra
  6. Jinny – Keep Me Warm
  7. Electric Choc – Shock the Beat
  8. Soft House Company – What You Need
  9. Sterling Void – Runaway Girl mashed with
  10. K-Klass – Show Me love
  11. Prodigy – Your Love
  12. Selector – Move Your Body mashed
  13. Kaos – Definition of Love

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