a live band from all across California, Free Food toys with hip-hop, soul and retro funk sounds. Blending shifting time signatures and pocket hooks, the LA-based group reinvents classic tones. The result merges the aesthetic of experimental hip-hop with the manic energy of old-school funk.

Looking to complement a fundamental appreciation of jazz and blues with an increasingly electronic vision of hip-hop production, the FF crew is well beyond emulation. Stretching the limits of audio manipulation while simultaneously balancing a full horn section, live band, and fiery lyricist, Free Food has chosen the road less traveled. They’ve built a unique style that conjoins the raw vibe of LA’s aggressive hip-hop club culture and the danceable bravado of retro R&B. Rapper, Karat, uses a rapid-fire flow, quick wit and abstract style to contrast the dark interior of his South Central upbringing with the wild life of LA youth. The full recipe cooks up a live show that is quickly building a following across the state. Free Food can break necks and move feet, spit lava and shake asses.

Fresh off a summer tour in the San Francisco-Bay Area and having performed alongside artistic luminaries such as Lalah Hathaway, Elzhi (Slum Village), and Souls of Mischief, Free Food is back in the studio with its debut album well on the way to a Winter 2012 release. Download the 5-track EP for free,

available now.



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