Richy Pitch's new single 'BLACK STAR' featuring M.anifest out 7th of June!

Released on acclaimed BBE records (June 2010), Richy Pitch’s new LP entitled Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch’ features an ensemble of celebrated Ghanaian musicians inspired by his rousing two year voyage in Ghana. The first single ‘Black Star’ sees him collaborate with Ghanaian born US resident rapper M.anifest on a track that plays with the tempo in this fun mash of Electronica Hip Hop. The sound is reminiscent of an old school gaming soundtrack with a crisp modern twist beginning with a steady walking rhythm, which then gradually escalates to a swift pace, then back to almost a crawl repeating this pattern throughout the joint.

M.anifest explains that the title ‘Black Star’ has duel meaning written as his own personal coming-of-age testament to growing up in Ghana with determined dreams, to his migration to the concrete jungles of New York. He reflects on the loneliness, the hardship, his calling as a musician, and the social implications of his African roots in a capitalist world. The other significant meaning behind ‘Black Star’ is in reference towards the revered Ghanaian soccer team Black Star. M.anifest reveals on bbe website “The entire country gets religious/fanatic when they play. So being a black star to me, a diasporic Ghanaian, symbolizes doing things in my artistic journey to represent and thrill my people like the Essiens and Abedi Peles of our history.” Yeah, look that up for a history lesson.

Check the 8-bit video clip of Pitch’s ‘Black Star’ below produced by Digital Agency RAMJAM:


Afromix by Richy Pitch

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