NWA – Fuck The Police Shut Down Triple J | Straight Outta Compton Film Screening

As lucky N.W.A fans this weekend catch the first screenings of the much anticipated ‘Straight Outta Compton’ film we though we should share this little short radio story. The film is already screening in the states to some great reviews and opens in Sydney on September 3rd. (Check out Info HERE at Hoyts or another other cinema)

When NWA’s ‘Fuck The Police’ was first released in 1989 there wasn’t many station who had the balls to actually play it.

It was either heavily-censored or banned on radio stations in the united states and Europe & there was a point where local Australian station Triple J was the only station in the world playing ‘Fuck The Police’ which raised massive concerns from authorities in Australia.

After playing the song for a few weeks with no issue it wasn’t long before the songs lyrics caught the ear of local police and politicians in Western Australia. They successfully lobbied ABC management to have the song pulled from play lists immediately.

It a true act of defiance the station staff refused to fold and continued to program the song even though the act of defiance actually cost some of them their jobs at the time. In solidarity with sacked station staff, the remaining staff decided to run their own form of protested by playing N.W.A – ‘Express Yourself’ for 24 hours straight back in 1990 which gained the station massive notoriety and made headlines around the world. Still to this day they station features part of the controversial song each day as part of their news segment promo like true champions.

Check out the original post here at their website and the audio below.

Music Documentary: How N.W.A’s ‘FUCK THE POLICE’ shut DOWN TRIPLE J (1990) | Hip Hop, Rap, Rock

Soul of Sydney Music Documentary:


Censorship and NWA’s Fuck the Police

triple j has always had a tradition of rejecting censorship. We refuse to edit the music and like to play it the way the artist intended.

Trawling back through triple j playlists is a good indication of what has been deemed offensive by the moral majority over the years.

Generally, if its offensive, we’ve played it.

Double J kicked off in 1975 playing a song that had never been played on radio before, the Skyhooks – ‘You Just Like Me ‘Cause I’m Good In Bed’.

In 1989 triple j was the only station in the world playing NWA‘s ‘Fuck Tha Police’. It bounced across the airwaves for 6 months before the police and politicians noticed and ABC management pulled it off the air.

Responding in a way that was true to the station, we played NWA’s track ‘Express Yourself‘ for 24hrs straight – 360 times in a row.

Tim: One of the events that really set the station apart in my mind, and earned a lot of respect, was in the early 1990s when triple j played NWA’s “Express Yourself” on continuous loop for 24 hours in protest against a management decision to ban “Fuck tha police”, also by NWA. It’s always stuck out as an example of the media serving its purpose (and was damn funny at the time).

Hamish: My favorite moment was when NWA were banned, and as a protest you played, “Express Yourself” for 24 hours. I have told people all around the world about that and they always think it is the ultimate freedom of speach protest remark, especially concidering it was from a government station.

Klare: My favourite triple j moment would have to be when you played NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’ straight for 24hrs as a protest to censorship and not being allowed to play ‘f**k the police’. I think it was around 1989? I thought it showed true Integrity and support for the DJs.