Sydney Hip Hop – DROPPIN’ SCIENCE Radio Show – May 24 1999 (2ser 107.3 FM) | Blaze, Dr. Phibes, Jade Nemisis

droppin-scienceLISTEN – HERE

Track List (courtesy of Hip Hop Radio Archive – HERE)

  1. Don’t Let Your Mouth Write A Check That Your Ass Can’t Cash by Stetsasonic
  2. These Dreams by Defari
  3. Underground by Foreign Legion Featuring Natural Fact
  4. Kaos by Godfather Don
  5. The Rep Grows Bigga by Gang Starr
  6. Clown Syndrome by Mass Influence ‎
  7. ’97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem
  8. The Spark by The Roots
  9. Oh Yeah… by Roots Manuva ‎
  10. Cali Kings (Fresh Out The Box) by The Cali Kings ‎Featuring Tha Likwit Allstars
  11. Hard Timez by Black Radical MKII Featuring Blacktip & DJ Cel
  12. Talking Outa My Head by The Twilight Firm
  13. Guillotine by Drunken Master
  14. Freedom Of Expression by Flintstone
  15. London Posse by London Posse
  16. Firm Stance by Mell ‘O’
  17. Mad Machine by First Down
  18. Un-United Kingdom by Killa Instinct
  19. Bomb Diffusal by Unanimous Decision
  20. Flatline by Gutter Snypes
  21. Three Kryed Rape by 3:6 Philly

Droppin’ Science Radio Show (2ser 107.3 FM) 1999 | Funk 45’s, Beats & Breaks

A classic recording from the archives of ground breaking Hip Hop radio show DROPPIN’ SCIENCE which was on 2ser (107.3 FM) back in the late ’90s. This one is a dope high-powered funk mix from PABLO of The Psychonauts (UK), recorded back in March 1999.


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