Music Documentary: How N.W.A’s ‘FUCK THE POLICE’ shut DOWN TRIPLE J (1990) | Hip Hop, Rap, Rock

Soul of Sydney Music Documentary:


Censorship and NWA’s Fuck the Police

triple j has always had a tradition of rejecting censorship. We refuse to edit the music and like to play it the way the artist intended.

Trawling back through triple j playlists is a good indication of what has been deemed offensive by the moral majority over the years.

Generally, if its offensive, we’ve played it.

Double J kicked off in 1975 playing a song that had never been played on radio before, the Skyhooks – ‘You Just Like Me ‘Cause I’m Good In Bed’.

In 1989 triple j was the only station in the world playing NWA‘s ‘Fuck Tha Police’. It bounced across the airwaves for 6 months before the police and politicians noticed and ABC management pulled it off the air.

Responding in a way that was true to the station, we played NWA’s track ‘Express Yourself‘ for 24hrs straight – 360 times in a row.

Tim: One of the events that really set the station apart in my mind, and earned a lot of respect, was in the early 1990s when triple j played NWA’s “Express Yourself” on continuous loop for 24 hours in protest against a management decision to ban “Fuck tha police”, also by NWA. It’s always stuck out as an example of the media serving its purpose (and was damn funny at the time).

Hamish: My favorite moment was when NWA were banned, and as a protest you played, “Express Yourself” for 24 hours. I have told people all around the world about that and they always think it is the ultimate freedom of speach protest remark, especially concidering it was from a government station.

Klare: My favourite triple j moment would have to be when you played NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’ straight for 24hrs as a protest to censorship and not being allowed to play ‘f**k the police’. I think it was around 1989? I thought it showed true Integrity and support for the DJs.


SYDNEY HIP HOP: Chance Waters – Maybe Tomorrow Ft Lilian Blue

As of 7pm tonight, Chance Waters will be officially releasing his new single “Maybe Tomorrow”, check the unlisted YouTube link below to have a listen immediately!

Here is what Lewi McKirdy said about the song at Triple J;

“So jaunty and sweet! The charm of the song fully curtains the neg-out theme in the lyrics. I love that! Such a bright spin on a bunch of bad shit. Sunny dispositions fix a lot.”

Please contact me if you would like to be door listed for the Sydney show this Saturday night at the FBi Social.

Following the success of his first single ‘Infinity’, (currently sitting at over 20,000 views on YouTube), Chance has had his head down in the studio and this weekwill release his new track, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ from his soon to be released album, ‘Infinity’.

Produced by One Above, (The Hilltops) the new single demonstrates Chance’s lyrical potency and his potential to push the typical boundaries of the hip-hop genre with an up-beat tempo, off-beat rhythm, piano-rock influences and live instrumentation.

Following widespread national acclaim under the appellation Phatchance, Sydney hip hop artist Chance Waters is losing the alias and going ‘au naturale’ with his given name. Chance is facing a ride on a wave of aftershock following his previous success that can only further shake up the Australian hip-hop scene, as we know it.

Chance’s debut album INKSTAIN saw the artist claim Featured Artist spots on triple j Unearthed and Music NSW as well as topping charts in AMRAP’s Most Ordered To Air Chart. After sparking a rave of support including The Australian Newspaper labeling him as “an intelligent lyricist and masterful storyteller”, Chance is well on his way to becoming a best-selling artist invigorating “a breath of fresh air” (Rave Mag).

Chance is undeniably cementing his place as a “burgeoning hip-hop star” (Dom Alessio, triple j) and carving the path for Australian hip-hop as he goes.


New Single

‘Maybe Tomorrow’

at radio now

From the soon to be released sophomore album


On tour

Saturday 18th of May – Evelyn Hotel – Melbourne [WITH SETH SENTRY]

Saturday 19th May – FBI Social – Sydney

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