GOSPEL SOULFUL JAZZY HOUSE: DJ Oji & Una – We Lift Our Hands At The Sanctuary (Friday Night At The Sanctuary Mix)

Unmistakeable feel good vibes taking it right back to an era when house music was about its feeling. Pulling out classic feel good vibes like this for our up coming SPIRIT OF HOUSE parties we are getting together with our good mates OUR HOUSE.

Stay close as we will be taking over basements, parks, beaches and rooftops around Sydney and paying some serious homage to the REAL HOUSE sounds like this.


“Now I don’t see nothing wrong, singing happy song
At the spirit deep inside, like a feeling getting strong
And there’s no need for opression, we come in peace
All we ask is let the music set you free

Check your attitude at the door
Smell the essence burning, sprinkle powder on the floor
The night is young and full of possibilities
We got our shelter now we, we found our sanctuary

We lift our hands at the Sanctuary
People come to dance at the Sanctuary
Love is alive at the Sanctuary
I feel alive at the Sanctuary

Lift up our hands in the Sanctuary
Everybody dance in the Sanctuary
So hear our voice in the Sanctuary
We rejoice in the Sanctuary

Can you imagine a place where all that matters is the music
DJ plays and the party people lose it
Singing, screaming, dancing around
I like the soulful sound of the underground

No pressure, no fear
Nobody’s in your business cause nobody really cares
Everyone’s special and you should feel the same
Welcome to the Sanctuary (I’m so glad you came)

Brothers and sisters, we are at the crossroads
Either we move forward, or get left behind
We gotta keep on keeping on
House music will never die
I don’t think you heard it

DEEP JAZZY HOUSE: Sounds of Blackness – I Believe (David Morales Classic Gospel House Mix)

Sounds of Blackness are a Grammy Award-winning vocal and instrumental collective from Minneapolis who perform music from several gospel inspired SOUL, JAZZ & R&B tracks featuring many collabeations with  Gospel and House legends including liks of Ann Nesby, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

They celebrated culture and religion while keeping the sounds of their afro ancestery also running right through there albums.

This is a track from the golden era club classics remixed by David Morales.

Studio Albums

  • The Evolution of Gospel (Perspective, 1991)
  • The Night Before Christmas…A Musical Fantasy (Perspective, 1992)
  • Africa To America – The Journey Of The Drum (Perspective, 1994)
  • Time For Healing (Perspective, 1997)
  • Reconciliation (Zinc, 1999)
  • Soul Symphony (Sounds Of Blackness, 2002)
  • The Night Before Christmas II (Atomic K, 2004)
  • Unity (SLR/Lightyear, 2005)
  • Kings & Queens – Message Music From The Movement (P-Vine, 2007)
  • The 3rd Gift – Story, Song & Spirit (CC Entertainment, 2009)


  • Journey Of The Drum Remix Collection (Perspective, 1995)
  • The Very Best Of Sounds Of Blackness (A&M, 2001)
  • The Collection (Spectrum, 2003)
  • The Best Of Sounds Of Blackness – The Millennium Collection (20th Century Masters) (A&M, 2007)