PRINCE TOUR MIXTAPE #3 : Seduction 747 – Ode To Prince Mixed By Dj Trey ( + Prince After Party Info

Yes, Yes people only 2 days left till the Prince Australia Tour starts & we have another absolute gem of a mix-tape. The Third installment of our “Midnight Mix-tape” tributes to PRINCE! This one is thanks to our man local Soul, Funk & Hip Hop DJ Trey.

Run Time: 
90 Mins

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  1. International Lover (Intro) – Prince & The Revolution
  2. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Prince
  3. Insatiable – Prince & The New Power Generation
  4. Adore – Prince
  5. Eye Hate U – Prince
  6. Incense and Candles – Prince
  7. Dark – Prince
  8. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore – Prince
  9. Dear Mr. Man – Prince
  10. Underneath The Cream – Prince
  11. Mr. Goodnight – Prince
  12. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold – Prince
  13. Joint 2 Joint – Prince
  14. Jam Of The Year – Prince
  15. She’s Always In My Hair – Prince & The Revolution
  16. If I Was Your Girlfriend – Prince
  17. I’ll Always Love You – 94 East Ft. Prince
  18. Love Sign (Shock G’s Silky Remix) – Prince
  19. Ballad Of Dorothy Parker – Prince
  20. Scarlet Pussy – Prince (Camille)
  21. My Love Is Forever – Prince
  22. Crazy You – Prince
  23. Sea Of Everything – Prince
  24. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night – Prince & The New Power Generation

  25. Soft & Wet (Disco Mix) – Prince
  26. I Wanna Be Your Lover– Prince
  27. Sexy Dancer – Prince
  28. Head – Prince
  29. Let’s Work – Prince
  30. She Spoke 2 Me – Prince
  31. I Feel For You – Prince
  32. Lady Cab Driver – Prince & The Revolution
  33. Chelsea Rodgers – Prince
  34. Erotic City – Prince

Email us for a Download LINK

More from TREY:


This SAT MAY 12TH @ (Upstairs @ Civic Hotel)

Soul Of Sydney, Soul Sounds & Mama Feel-Good Funk Collective will be throwing down the goodness this weekend with a stack PRINCE inspired SOUL, FUNK & BOOGIE as well a solid dose of PRINCE gems from 10pm THIS SATURDAY (MAY 12th).THE PRINCE AFTER PARTY – TRIBUTE!Right after the Concert from 10pm – Late This Saturday (May 12th).Hosted by Soul of Sydney DJ’s & Friends:

Phil Toke
DJ Jon
Johnny Bones

EVENT –> or for more info.

Prince Midnight Mixtape :

SAT MAY 12TH @ (Upstairs @ Civic Hotel)

Soul of Sydney & Soul Sounds will be paying special tribute to musical legacy of PRINCE!

We will be throwing down a stack of classic Prince inspired numbers on Saturday 12th May right after the Concert from 10pm – Late.

Music by Soul of Sydney DJ’s & Friends.


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Stuff the ‘Royal Wedding‘! This is the only Prince I am worried about for anyone who knows.. true musical ROYALTY who put out the ONLY royal KISS worth talking about.

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